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Welcome to the Kelpius Blog

by on February 3, 2013

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  1. Actually I heard about this blog at TKS meeting at Physick House on Sat. I enjoyed the discussion and hope it develops here too.

  2. Thomas Carroll permalink

    As president of the Kelpius Society, I want to welcome you to the Kelpius blog. We hope that this site will become an important forum for discussion of issues relating to the historical Kelpius community, and to issues that reflect on Kelpius’s contribution to our world. We are currently seeking to refine our understanding of the the Kelpius site in Fairmount Park, the historical Kelpius community and their activities, and the contribution they made to our national culture and history. We welcome your support, and comments.

    Tom Carroll
    The Kelpius Society

  3. Great to have a blog for Kelpius.

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