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Kelpius Research — A new essay by Kirby Richards

by on February 1, 2023

Greetings! We are in process of updating our blog and website, and are very pleased to offer this inaugural post, featuring a link to a recent essay by Kirby Richards. Kirby has conducted painstaking original research in primary source materials to offer new perspectives on the life and historical experience of Johannes Kelpius. The essay, titled “From Transylvania to Pennsylvania: Johannes Kelpius”, was published in the Yearbook of German-American Studies, Volume 55 (2020), at the University of Kansas, for The Society for German-American Studies. I expect that Kirby’s essay will stimulate renewed discussion of Kelpius and his impact on the historical and cultural development of Philadelphia, and American society more generally.

Kirby’s essay can be accessed via the following link: Enjoy! And please write us with your comments.

Tom Carroll


The Kelpius Society


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