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Share Your Kelpius’ Stone of Wisdom Stories

by on February 15, 2013

The Kelpius stone

Fred Kelso has a August 4th, 1909 newspaper article which states that Kelpius’ Stone of Wisdom (which was half of a stone he had found in a cave in India) had been passed down through his family and was currently in the hands of Miss Yetta Norworthe of Philadelphia, who used it to conjure up visions of Kelpius himself. Fred has read elsewhere that his Stone of Wisdom had been thrown into the Schuylkill River just before his death. Fred would be be interested to know what today’s Kelpius researchers believe happened to the stone. Here is a pdf of this article for all to read.19090814_dc_evening_star_kelpius_stone

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  1. tomato tim permalink

    This is such a crazy coincidence. John Dee the sorcerer (father of rosecrutianism) from England was known to have a magical golden book. He sent Johannas Kelpius and the woman in the wilderness to Penn. Joseph Smith a treasure hunter moves to Penn. and meets these people in the wilderness through a employer William Hale and marries his daughter,( Emma Hale Smith then Joe claims to be in possession of the magical golden book of John Dee and Kelpius magic seer stone.
    What the Hell!!!!!!!!!!

    Somebody make sense of this for me.

  2. Fred Kelso permalink

    Thanks for the clarification Del. I understand that Joseph Smith also had a “stone of wisdom” or “seer stone” that he used to obtain visions of lost objects and to locate treasure.

  3. Fred Kelso permalink

    You’re quite welcome Jacqueline. I just read the article a little more closely and it states that the stone possessed by Miss Norworthe was actually the half Kelpius had left behind in Europe and which was later brought to Pennsylvania because of instructions he had left. It would be very interesting to know something more about Miss Yetta Norworthe and her previous history…was she perhaps a fortune teller using the Kelpius story to her advantage?

  4. It has bee said that Kelpius directed the stone to be thrown into the Schuylkill River, not the Wissahicken Creek. It just happens that the 40th parallel crosses the river at today’s Hunting Park Ave, which would have been at the bottom of the Falls of Schuylkill, Laurel Hill Cemetary, East Falls. This spot of deep water is just south of where the Wissahicken enters the Schuylkill River. Thank you Fred for the newspaper article, your membership, and your genuine interest in Kelpius. Comment by Del Conner.

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